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Product Description

Introducing the "Broly" metal card design, an electrifying homage to the iconic Dragon Ball character known for his immense power and legendary transformation.

This stunning statement piece captures the raw intensity and fierce spirit of Broly, adding a touch of unparalleled strength to your transactions.

The "Broly" metal card showcases your unique style and passion for the Dragon Ball series, leaving a lasting impression on fellow fans and admirers alike.

Unleash your inner warrior with this striking design and embrace the power of the Legendary Super Saiyan.

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  • Ship your plastic card to our office, we convert it and ship it back:
    Choose "Yes" if you want to send your plastic card so we can convert it and send it back.
    Choose "No" if you only want the engraved metal card and would like to convert the card yourself.
  • Instruction Video: If you choose not to send out your plastic card, we will email you a video tutorial and instructions on how to convert the card yourself and what you need to do so.