MetaCard DIY Card Conversion Tutorial

Card conversionIntroduction

Welcome to MetaCard's DIY Tutorial Page! At MetaCard, we're all about giving your banking a sleek, durable edge with custom metal credit/debit cards. We've mastered the art of transforming your standard plastic cards into premium metal ones, ensuring your card not only stands out but lasts longer.

Why DIY?

We understand the thrill of DIY and the satisfaction of creating something on your own. That's why, by popular demand, we're excited to share our step-by-step guide for those who want to take on the adventure of converting their plastic cards into metal masterpieces right from the comfort of their home.

Tutorial Overview

This tutorial will walk you through the process of transferring your EMV chip and magnetic strip information to your new metal card. You'll need a few tools on hand: a heat gun or hair dryer, a card reader (MSR605X), super glue, tweezers, and something with a sharp end.

Let's Get Crafting!

Ready to elevate your card game? Dive into our video tutorial below and transform your plastic into metal with ease. Let's get crafting!


Proceed With Caution: MetaCard advises using our professional conversion services for optimal results and to ensure your card's functionality. With 3 years of impeccable service and a commitment to security, we specialize in delivering high-quality metal cards without any recorded complaints.

Should you decide to proceed with DIY conversion, please be aware that MetaCard cannot be held responsible for any conversion errors or issues arising from the process. The responsibility for the outcome rests solely with you.